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Chinatown Community Development Center

Maintenance Technician - Tenderloin Fami

San Francisco, CA

Job Summary: The Maintenance Technician provides building residents with a well-maintained environment by performing maintenance repairs and custodial duties in areas including but not limited to plumbing, carpentry, electrical, painting, mechanical systems, and appliance repair. This position interacts extensively with on-site staff and residents, as well as vendors and contractors.

Status: Full-time, Nonexempt, Regular

Location: Tenderloin District, San Francisco

Hours: Monday through Friday, 8:00a.m. - 5:00p.m. and on-call for emergencies

Salary: $22.58 - $23.77 per hour; Comprehensive benefits

The OrganizationA private non-profit founded in 1977, Chinatown Community Development Center believes in a comprehensive vision of community. We own and/or manage approximately 37 affordable housing buildings serving over 4.500 low-income seniors, single adults, formerly homeless adults, and families of diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds in San Francisco’s Chinatown, Tenderloin, Western Addition, and Polk Gulch neighborhoods. We also build housing, develop grassroots leadership, and engage low-income residents and youth. Our employees are passionate about the mission; thrive in a family organizational culture; and embody values of empowerment, teamwork, and compassion. Chinatown CDC serves a diverse population and is committed to hiring practices that provide culturally competent services. We encourage people of color to apply.

Essential Functions

  • Perform building repairs
  • Perform preventive maintenance and maintain annual schedule
  • Inform Property Manager of any safety of health code violations observed
  • Document or log all information or duties performed on work order
  • Turn around tenant units in accordance with Property Management Policy
  • Assist with monthly inspection of Emergency Lights and Exits, and semi-annual unit inspection

Job Responsibilities

  • Meet with Supervisor or Property Manager to get work schedules and assignments
  • Assist Property Manager with purchase orders
  • Examine problems as outlined on work orders and assess/troubleshoot reported issues
  • Perform building repairs by responding to problems such as, but not limited to:
    1. Boiler malfunctions
    2. Water leaks
    3. Sprinkler set-offs
    4. Clogged drains or pipes
    5. Broken light fixtures
    6. Ground fault interrupters
    7. Clogged Toilet
    8. Heating and Ventilation system
  • Turn over vacant units in accordance with Property Management policy
  • Log all information or duties performed on work order request forms in compliance with Property Management procedures
  • Repair appliances such as:
    1. Vacuum cleaners
    2. Stoves
    3. Refrigerators
    4. Dishwasher 
    5. HVAC
  • Change lock systems as directed
  • Assist Property Manager with daily inspection of the common areas for safety hazards or code violations
  • Assist Property Manager with semi-annual unit inspections
  • Perform monthly inspections of Emergency Lights and Exits
  • Complete all work orders as assigned
  • Assist with pest control
  • Perform custodial duties as needed
  • Maintain work area in orderly condition
  • Take out/Bring in trash, compost, recycling bins as needed


  • Embody organization values (respect & compassion, empowerment, teamwork)
  • Contribute to a safe and pleasant work environment
  • Follow policies, procedures, and safe work practices
  • Other duties as assigned

Knowledge, Skills, and Experience

  • Ability to use all janitorial equipment including, but not limited to:
    1. Carpet shampooer
    2. Floor buffer
    3. Vacuum
  • Ability to use all basic maintenance equipment including, but not limited to, power tools (i.e. saws, drills, sanders, grinders, etc.) and hand tools (i.e. hammers, wrenches, etc)
  • Knowledge of how to safely do the job of a Maintenance Technician of a building (proper use of ladders, preventing floor slippage, and trip hazards)
  • Ability to troubleshoot and prioritize work
  • Capacity to work independently and exercise own judgment
  • Good problem-solving skills
  • Flexibility to adjust to changing situations and work conditions
  • Ability to work with people of diverse economic, social, and ethnic backgrounds
  • Basic knowledge of CAL/OSHA and MSDS
  • Good verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to change lock systems

Minimum Qualifications

  • Four (4) years of building maintenance and/or construction experience
  • Basic computer skills
  • Flexibility to work evenings and weekends as needed

Preferred Qualifications

  • Prior experience with housing or nonprofit organizations
  • Familiarity with diverse neighborhoods
  • Maintenance and construction training classes, licenses, and certificates
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