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Fallbrook, CA


• Respond to building requests, as instructed
• Observe and maintain lobby areas for cleanliness
• Monitor and maintain elevators to include vacuuming
• Clean entrances including glass walkways, thresholds, etc.
• Clean outdoor furnishings and/ or seating areas and plaza
• Patrol building perimeter to remove trash and debris from grounds
• Assist with snow removal, salting/ sanding, as it applies for specific property(s)
• Inspect restrooms and clean as necessary, re-stock paper and soap products accordingly
• Report any stained ceiling tiles/roof leaks to management office
• Report any maintenance problems to management office
• Move boxes and light weight furnishings (chairs/ lamps/ end tables, etc.)
• Inspect lunchrooms and/or cafeterias and break areas and clean as necessary
• Periodically check and empty cigarette receptacles at building exterior
• Inspect dumpster areas for debris and ensure the scheduled pick-up has been made
• Maintain loading dock cleanliness (if applicable)
• Check in with management office for work orders
• Report cleaning inadequacies

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