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Cal-Am Properties

Administrative Assistant

Mesa, AZ

Administrative Assistant

Superstition Canyon Apartments

1247 S. 96th Street

Mesa, AZ 85209

We have built our reputation on developing and servicing properties throughout the United States for more than two decades. Find out why Cal-Am Properties sets the standard for workplace satisfaction!

Job Summary

  • Performs a variety of administrative duties for the community office and residents. 

General Accountabilities

  • Composes and produces business correspondence, reports, and related materials or guides the work of other staff who produce these materials. 
  • Edits documents produced by others; Reviews and signs materials, as authorized.
  • Ensures confidentiality and controls access to sensitive information, such as staff personnel files.
  • Responds to inquiries and requests for information requiring knowledge of departmental and company policies and procedures.
  • Serves as an internal resource to administrators or staff on departmental and company procedures.
  • Researches information, as requested, and relays official interpretations.
  • Performs administrative duties associated with scheduling and coordinating meetings.
  • Arranges with vendors for services, prepares agendas, gathers and organizes supporting information, and oversees production and distribution of related materials. 
  • Records and summarizes minutes for typing and distribution.
  • Researches and gathers data for departmental reports; Conducts preliminary analysis of data. 
  • Recommends report content and format to display findings most effectively.
  • Assists in budget preparation by gathering historical data in a limited area, such as materials and supplies or salaries. 
  • Tracks and monitors assigned budget expenditures and reports on variances.
  • Coordinates preparation, development, and production of major documents, such as proposals and manuscripts.
  • Implements changes or enhancements to procedures to improve productivity, efficiency, and service.
  • Schedules, assigns, and prioritizes workloads by setting appropriate deadlines.
  • Monitors employee performance on a regular basis. 
  • Ensures timely completion of unit's work.

Pay: $ 19- $20 Hourly 

Average Work = 36 hours

Benefits provided
401K Plan Dental Insurance Health Insurance Life Insurance Long Term Disability Optical Insurance Paid Vacations Personal Days Short Term Disability
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