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Sacramento Housing & Redevelopment Agency

RECS Program Manager- Facilities Managem

Sacramento, CA

To provide leadership and management of specific Agency programs administered through the Real Estate and Construction Services department (RECS):
Facilities Management: To ensure that the portfolio of administration buildings (and their surrounding site features) are continually maintained and in good working condition, as well as forecasting the modernization of building facility’s upgrades. A sound preventative maintenance program will ensure that employees have a safe and functioning workplace at all times, and that the Agency uses its funding for these functions in the most efficient manner possible. The Agency’s Facilities Engineer will report to this position.

Special Projects: To manage the design, repair and/or construction management of various Agency projects, including the Emergency Repair Program (ERP), facilitation and/or construction of Homeless Housing sites, and other projects the Agency undertakes to serve the community’s housing needs.

Building Facilities Management 

  • Understand the Agency administration buildings’ critical needs in developing an effective Preventative Maintenance program.
  • Direct and coordinate with Facilities Engineer to ensure the Agency’s Administration buildings are properly maintained and modernized
  • Forecast/anticipate future building needs and coordinate improvement projects
  • Ensure compliance with state and federal regulations
  • Managing each building’s facilities annual budget.  

Special Projects 
Emergency Repair Program

  • Develop the Agency’s Emergency Repair Program to serve as many homeowners’ needs as possible within defined budgets
  • Work with Agency staff on the procurement of annual funding for this program
  • Direct RECS construction staff to efficiently administer the home repairs
  • Solicit the services of contractors specializing in emergency repairs and administer contracts

Housing for the Homeless 

  • Research the various housing products in the current market and strategize appropriate solutions for new “construction” sites
  • Develop cost effective strategies for re-purposing existing buildings for use as homeless facilities
  • Work with RECS staff to hire design professionals as required to produce construction documents for various projects
  • Direct RECS construction technicians during the management of project construction

Staff Supervision 
The Program Manager shall model supervisory strategies and approaches that demonstrate the Agency Cultural Objectives in all aspects of staff communication and supervision. Supervisory duties include the responsibility to:

  •  Monitor and maintain the level of productivity in the unit or department
  • Assure quality of service to the internal and/or external customer base
  • Establish performance objectives and provide ongoing feedback
  • Interface with Senior Management, contractors and members of the public on a regular basis

Education and Experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Architecture, Construction Management, or related fields.
  • Must have 5+ years of project management experience with extensive knowledge of construction industry, including commercial office buildings and multi-family and single family housing
  • Experience using AutoCAD preferred, but not required.
  • LEED certification preferred, but not required
  • Must have knowledge of OSHA regulations

OTHER DUTIES: All employees may be assigned, and required to carry out, additional duties at any time. An employee with a known disability will only be assigned additional duties when the duty being added is an essential function of the position, or can be carried out with reasonable accommodation.
Every employee is expected to participate in discussions of individual, department and Agency performance and work on problem-solving teams as assigned. Any employee serving on a problem-solving team may be asked to carry out the role of team leader
Any person driving for Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency must maintain a valid driver's license on his/her person, and demonstrate compliance with the motor vehicle law, standards of courtesy on the road and attention to safety. All drivers must maintain their insurability.

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