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TNDC San Francisco

Senior Sustainability Program Manager

San Francisco, CA


Under the supervision of the Chief Portfolio officer the Sustainability Program Manager (SPM) performs a wide variety of tasks related to developing, managing and promoting sustainability goals for Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corporation (TNDC).  The SPM coordinates and implements all activities relating to sustainability program development from feasibility analysis through completion of change measures.

While the SPM position is housed in the Property Management department, and “greening” TNDC’s property operations is significantly emphasized in the job duties, there is also critical cross-departmental work, particularly in the areas of tenant engagement, green capital improvements, and housing development and design, which will be championed and supported by this position.


Leadership and Planning

  • Serve as the internal sustainability expert monitoring emerging trends, programs and issues, and communicating and educating others on sustainability topics.
  • Manage TNDC’s public-facing sustainability efforts, including the Department of Energy’s Better Buildings Challenge and NeighborWorks’ Green Organization program.
  • Maintain and revise TNDC’s strategic sustainability plan, which outlines measures and targets for greening efforts throughout the organization.
  • Encourage interdepartmental coordination; provide leadership for organization-wide Green Committee including facilitation of meetings, development of annual goals, and monitoring achievement.

Property Operations and Standards

  • Maintain, revise, and ensure compliance with TNDC’s green product procurement standards for corporate offices.
  • Provide sustainability training for staff  and maintain an open door policy for questions about best practices and problem solving related to energy management or other sustainability topics.
  • Manage established portfolio-wide energy bench marking program, including the routine analysis of energy and water consumption records. 
  • Share energy and water use data with site-level and management staff at routine intervals, oversee implementation of corrective actions.

Tenant and Staff Engagement

  • Expand pilot efforts to engage TNDC tenants to conserve energy, water usage and divert landfill to recycling/composting.
  • Support new hire orientation related to sustainability goals and act as a resource for monitoring and revising job-specific green responsibilities.
  • Maintain and expand existing staff engagement efforts around sustainability, including a quarterly e-newsletter, Earth Day celebrations, and presentations during company-wide events.

Capital Improvements and Housing Development Design

  • Collaborate with Housing Development staff to develop green design standards for all rehabilitation or new construction projects.
  • Evaluate potential opportunities for energy retrofits, including project feasibility analysis. Prepare or evaluate project feasibility analysis, including expected cost and energy savings as well as ROI.
  • Create RFPs for assigned capital improvement projects, negotiate contracts with vendors, and manage the installation of new systems – including but not limited to solar arrays and lighting upgrades.
  • Use TNDC’s well-established benchmarking program to support data-driven decision making around energy and water reduction projects.

Additional Duties

  • Build and maintain familiarity with available funding options for sustainability projects, including but not limited to rebates from local utilities or government agencies.
  • Solicit and coordinate the work of professional consultants to achieve sustainability goals.
  • Build effective partnerships with external organizations to support sustainability efforts including peer organizations industry experts, lobby groups and policy leaders.


  • Experience with green property operations.
  • Some exposure to green design issues, construction materials and methods.
  • Strong project management skills, including proficiency in Microsoft Excel.
  • High degree of independence, initiative, responsibility, and accountability.
  • Exposure to at least one of the following fields: property Management, Facility Management of Asset Management.
  • Familiarity with best practices around sustainable designs and construction as well as green operations - including but not limited to LEED, Greenpoint Rated, and Energy STAR. Ability to work within teams and supervise work of consultants.


  • A Bachelor’s degree and four years’ experience in property management, facilities management, or asset management.
  • Solid quantitative and analytical skills with at least basic database management and reporting competence.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication.


  • LEED certification (or comparable green credential).
  • Master’s degree in related field.
  • Five years of experience in affordable housing property management.
  • Experience working in a low-income community or with people who are of low-income.
  • Ability to speak a language other than English (preferably Cantonese or Spanish).


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