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Burbank Housing Management Corporation

Resident Manager

Santa Rosa, CA

Summary:  The Resident Manager of Carrillo Place  Apartments is responsible for oversight of the daily operations of this apartment complex.  The responsibilities include but are not limited to: reviewing applications for potential tenants, rents or leases apartments, collection of rents and deposits, oversees the use of community room, multi-purpose room, coordinates maintenance of the property, investigates and resolves tenant complaints and issues, prepares necessary reports, and supervises on-site staff.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities:  The following reflects Burbank Housing’s definition of essential functions for this job but does not restrict the tasks that may be assigned.

  1. Review tenant applications for eligibility; maintain and purge waiting lists; show available units.
  2. Follows Burbank Housing’s procedure for processing eligible applicants within the program guidelines attached to the property (i.e. TCAC, CHFA, HUD, RHCP).  Works diligently to ensure that all new move-in files are complete and orderly.
  3. Attends training as needed and recommended by Burbank Housing.  This training may require overnight stays out of town.
  4. Walks property at least twice per day (once in the morning and once in the evening) to assure residents of management presence and to monitor the overall appearance of the property.
  5. Attends regular in-house training and informational meetings offered by Burbank Housing.
  6. Ensures that vacant units are "turned" in the fastest possible time by monitoring the timeliness of vendors and maintenance staff.  Walks vacant unit daily to monitor the progress of turn.
  7. Keeps property vacancy loss to a minimum by processing multiple applicants simultaneously upon receipt of notice of intent to vacate by the current resident.
  8. Distributes rent bills, collects rent and security deposits for submittal to Burbank Housing accounting department.  Works with Burbank Housing accounting staff to facilitate smooth accounting procedures; fills out Tenant Status Change Orders in a timely fashion.
  9. Completes lease form, outlines conditions and terms of occupancy with a new resident, and completes relevant paperwork.
  10. Performs annual re-certification of tenants, completes required weekly reports, monthly reports, ticklers, and compliance reports.
  11. Cooperates with compliance staff in submitting requested information for audits, inspections, and annual reports for lenders and regulatory agencies.
  12. Supervises on-site staff, providing constant feedback through verbal and written communications, participates in annual performance reviews, sets priorities and goals, collection of timesheets, and oversight of work to ensure timeliness and a professional manner.
  13. Instructs tenants in emergency procedures, appliance use, and property rules.
  14. Investigates tenant complaints and resolves tenant issues, prepares written incident reports, prepares and serves tenant warning notices, 3-Day notices, 10-Day notices, and 30-Day notices, appears in eviction proceedings and maintains a daily Manager’s log.
  15. Shows vacant units and applies BHMC approved marketing strategies to reduce vacancy loss.
  16.  Conducts annual unit inspections, walkthrough of vacated units assessing any damage, cost of repairs, and arrange turnover repairs.  Prepares security deposit refund statements and submits to BHMC accounting department for disbursement in accordance with lease provisions.
  17. With the Maintenance Manager and Property Management Coordinator, schedules maintenance staff engages subcontractors in repairing plumbing or electrical malfunctions, painting of apartments or buildings, and maintaining landscaping or gardening work, and prepares maintenance work orders for all maintenance work to be performed.
  18. May need to act as a repair person in an emergency.
  19. Provide local information on available nearby schools, shopping malls, recreational facilities, and public transportation.
  20. Oversees, coordinates, and maintains a calendar of events and users for multi-purpose room and computer room use.
  21. Works in cooperation with Service Coordinator staff.
  22. Other duties as assigned.

Qualifications Requirement

Qualifications Requirements: The requirements listed above are representative of the knowledge, skills, and/or ability required.  Reasonable accommodations may be made (except experience levels) to enable individuals with disabilities to perform essential job functions.

Education and/or Experience: At least 3 years of experience managing a large apartment complex, subsidized housing experience preferred.  Real Estate license or college level property management course work is preferred.

Benefits provided
401K Match 401K Plan Dental Insurance Empl. Assistance Health Insurance Life Insurance Optical Insurance Paid Vacations
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