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Management Support Admin

Tampa, FL 33601

Provides leadership and coordination of the assigned area’s support team by ensuring all administrative and clerical functions are completed in accordance with the Company’s policies and procedures.


Job Responsibilities: 

  • Oversees and assists in the property reporting review process and ensures timely distribution by working closely with the Regional Property Manager and Community Manager to meet deadlines as outlined by the management agreement. 
  • Coordinates and assists in administrative functions involved in the due diligence and property take over process by working on file audits, unit walk inspections, market surveys and other required items requested by internal and external clients.
  • Supervises the assigned area’s management coordinators and receptionists by interviewing, hiring, orienting, and training and manages their on-going attendance and performance in accordance with the Company’s established policies and procedures.
  • Ensures that the office facilities are in working condition, including, telephone and voice mail systems, fax machines, office equipment, temperature, A/C or heat, lighting, and other office systems, by contacting vendors, contractors, building management, and other service providers as needed. 
  • Manages the inventory of office supplies and equipment; orders supplies as needed and within the established budget and approval process, and acts as liaison between the Company and vendors for repair, lease renewal, equipment maintenance, or issues with supplies, invoices, and billing. 
  • Makes travel arrangements for managers, team members, external consultants, visitors, and other dignitaries who have business with the Company by purchasing airline tickets, arranging hotel accommodations, and ensuring that materials and transportation or other resources are available at destination locations.
  • Maintains calendars for meetings, events, and other appointments, schedules appropriate meeting rooms/locations and time, and resolves scheduling and other conflicts as necessary to ensure effective use of time and resources. 
  • Prepares documents, letters, presentations, and other communication materials for internal distribution; types and spell-checks documents; creates graphs and other displays; complies with document retention policies, and acts as liaison for questions related to communication. 
  • Reviews and/or assists in preparing expense reports for certain managerial personnel by analyzing and evaluating information, reconciling receipts and supporting documentation, and coordinating with Accounts Payable as necessary to discuss issues, answer questions, or provide additional information as necessary. 
  • Completes projects, tasks, assignments, and other work that is unique to the specific assigned department or business area (including those requiring special knowledge and/or skills); follows departmental policies and procedures, and meets standards, metrics, and other benchmarks used within the department for evaluating performance and results.  

Organizational Responsibilities: 

  • Follows established policies and procedures by monitoring and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements, organizational standards, and operational processes related to area(s) of responsibility and reporting violations or infractions to appropriate individual(s). Management Support Administrator
  • Practices  proper  safety  techniques  in  accordance  with  Company,  property,  and  departmental  policies,  procedures,  and standards  by  immediately  reporting  any  mechanical  or  electrical  equipment  malfunctions,  employee/visitor/resident  injuries or  accidents,  or  other  safety  issues to  appropriate  individual(s).
  • Identifies  areas for  improvement and  offers suggestions  to  improve efficiency and  productivity.
  • Keeps  abreast  of  current  changes  in  technology,  processes,  and  standards  within  the  industry  and  area(s)  of  responsibility by  attending  internal  and  external  training  classes,  performing  research  and/or  subscribing  to  the  internet  or  other professional  publications,  or  utilizing  other  appropriate  method(s)  to  obtain  business  and  professional  information,  and applies knowledge and  practices  to  area(s)  of  responsibility.

Working  Conditions:

  • Incumbents  work  in an office environment.

Physical  Demands:

  • Incumbents  must  be  able  to  view  computer  screens  and  other  electronic  equipment  for  extended  periods  of  time  where visual strain  may result.
  • Incumbents  must  be  able  to  operate  typewriter  or  computer  keyboard  and/or  mouse  for  extended  periods  of  time  where finger, hand,  and wrist strain  may  result.
  • Incumbents  must  be  able  to  push,  pull,  lift,  carry,  or  maneuver  weights  of  up  to  ten  (10)  pounds  independently  and  twentyfive (25)  pounds with  assistance.
  • Rare  or  regular  travel  may  be  required  to  attend  training  classes,  business  meetings,  or  other  situations  necessary  for  the accomplishment of some or  all of  the  daily responsibilities of  this position.

Knowledge,  Skills,  Abilities:

  • Demonstrated  ability  to  read,  write,  and  communicate  effectively  to  represent  company  management  in  a  support  capacity; act  as first  point  of  contact  for  internal team  members and external  visitors to  the  Company;  and answer  questions related  to department operating policies.
  • Proficiency  in  customer  service  and  interpersonal  communication  skills  in  order  to  effectively  interact  with  residents,  clients, team  members,  and  other  business  contacts,  respond  courteously  to  questions  and  requests,  and  stay  calm  when addressing  and resolving  customer  problems.
  • Demonstrated  proficiency  in  internet,  word  processing,  spreadsheet,  and  database  management  programs  in  order  to maintain  records  of  information  and  develop  and  provide  information  for  manager’s  use.   (Property  management  system experience is preferred.)
  • Ability  to  operate  basic  office  machines  such  as  copiers,  faxes,  calculators,  postage  meters,  and  multi-line  telephone systems.
  • Demonstrated  mathematical  skills  necessary  to  add,  subtract,  multiply,  and  divide  numbers,  decimals,  and  fractions  in  order to  review and  complete various financial, administrative,  and legal  documents.
  • Employment  history  that  demonstrates  the  application  and  usage  of  administrative,  secretarial,  or  office  support  skills demonstrating capability of  providing  administrative  and clerical support.
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