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Courtesy Patrol/Host - Madison Apartment Homes

Sacramento, CA 94203

Listed below are certain specific duties of and guidelines applicable to, a courtesy patrol officer:

  1. To act as a liaison among residents, visitors to the apartment community, management, police, fire and emergency services.
  2. To patrol the apartment community, responding promptly to disturbances and to calls for assistance according to the guidelines set out below.
  3. To complete written incident reports for ConAm.
  4. To secure any crime scene at the apartment community until law enforcement authorities arrive and then to assist, but only as requested by such authorities.
  5. To contact the appropriate maintenance personnel in the event of emergencies, such as flooding, power outages or broken door locks and windows and to take the necessary steps to minimize or prevent damage to the apartment community.
  6. To perform daily lighting surveys and to check the apartment community for, and report, hazards such as broken steps, loose railings, broken glass, fire hazards, broken tree limbs, missing or discharged fire extinguishers, oil spills, gas leaks, and trip and fall conditions.
  7. To inspect the apartment community daily for, and report, unlocked doors, broken locks, inadequate lighting in common areas, evidence of crimes or criminal activity, suspicious behavior, community policy violations, excessive traffic to a specific apartment home or evidence of unauthorized persons living at the apartment community.
  8. To cite and when appropriate to tow according to local and state law, vehicles which are in violation of community policies, such as an improperly parked vehicle in a reserved parking space, vehicles parked in a restricted area, vehicles which do not have a valid registration at the apartment community or with the state, or vehicles which appear to be abandoned.
  9. To report calls, observations, discoveries, suspicious activities and maintenance needs to the community manager in writing on a daily basis.
  10. To deliver at the request of the community manager or staff, 3-day notices, 30-day notices, community policy violation notices, notices to inspect and enter the apartment home, lease renewals and Community Newsletters.
  11. To contribute to the overall curb appeal of the community by picking up litter and trash and properly disposing of it.
  12. To change missing or burned out common area light bulbs when and where possible, provided you are able to do so without the need or requirement of ladders or lifting devices.
  13. To use a Detex (or similar) monitoring device in order to verify that 45 minutes of each hour is spent by you patrolling the common areas of the apartment community. Any gaps in the Detex log should be explained in your daily activity report.
  14. To immediately notify law enforcement officials in the event of any criminal activity at the apartment community. In this regard, you are not to detain, arrest or restrain against their will, any persons for either questioning or release to law enforcement officials.
  15. To always conduct yourself in a professional manner and do refrain from fraternizing with residents or their guests.
  16. To never place yourself or any other person(s) in a dangerous situation. Remember that your objectives are limited to observing and reporting to law enforcement officers any activities which appear to violate the law, and to help deter criminal activity by your presence on patrol.
  17. To wear your ConAm approved uniform without modification while on duty. ConAm will only allow an exception to this requirement regarding uniforms in the following situation:  (1) When the courtesy patrol officer is also an active member of a police or sheriff's department and is working for ConAm on "off duty" hours; and (2) If the police or sheriff's department restricts its off-duty officers from wearing any uniform other than a police or sheriff's uniform.
  18. To never carry a firearm, baton, knife, handcuffs or any other weapon while on duty or at a ConAm apartment community. An exception to this requirement will only be made for active police officers, who are employed as courtesy patrol officers for ConAm when they are "off-duty".

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