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Phoenix, AZ 85029

Regional Manager ($55-65K plus benefits in Phoenix, AZ)

Regional Manager wanted for small self-managed investment group

Small, local investment group seeking regional manager to develop and oversee high quality community members and staff in Phoenix, AZ at Class B multiresidential properties.  Ideal candidate comes with minimum five years experience in the field within the Phoenix AZ area, has solid knowledge and skills in all levels of property management and staff supervision, vendor and project management, marketing, fluency in Microsoft Office, excellent communication skills, and proficiency in collections practices with lower income families. Must adhere to budget and keep expenses in alignment with expectations. High levels of professionalism and confidentiality required. Bilingual and proficiency in Rent Manager software a plus. Regional Manager will supervise two locations of under 200 apartment homes each, and report directly to the VP of Operations.


  • Community Relations
    • Maintain properties to expected standards that reflect pride of ownership
    • Quickly address issues with staff, vendors or tenants to ensure efficient and professional resolutions. Must be a natural problem solver
    • Understand trends in Phoenix AZ multihousing industry to adjust rental conditions accordingly to remain well positioned in the competitive Phoenix market while improving tenant retention
    • Oversee and/or supervise move in and move out processes with tenants assuring that all items are completed such as keying space, application of appropriate charges, repair and cleaning of spaces, etc
    • Review leases for accuracy and inclusion of all relevant information for tenants, management and legal team in alignment with the landlord tenancy act
    • Develop and host community events and mange foundation sponsorship opportunities
    • Must be available for on-call for after-hours emergencies at the properties and/or supervise each case
    • Guard the values of ownership while engaging in a range of responsibilities spanning day to day property management and marketing/sales, to human resources issues with staff, to conducting philanthropic foundation work and fundraising activities
  • Vendor Management
    • Proficiency with project bidding process and supervision of all special jobs and properties
    • Negotiation with pricing and enforce firm guidelines for optimal job quality
    • Ensure adherence to key performance objectives to meet business and tenant expectations
    • Clearly communicate and/or report on various special projects with ownership
    • Demonstrate top levels of professionalism and high expectations
  • Administration Management
    • Lead and encourage employees and vendors to maximize performance, and ensure a strong, locally based talent pipeline at all times. Communicate performance reviews to ownership and have problems solved quickly. Be very effective with training, supervision and terminations.
    • Review, code, approve and submit invoices for vendors to operations in a timely manner
    • Execute and supervise accounts receivable data entry to correct tenants while adhering to negligible error rates
    • Managing money handling, accounting and bank processes
    • Contribute to financial reporting, budget preparation, and opportunity/growth strategy that adhere to company values while clearly communicating with ownership
    • Supervise onsite management to monitor and submit all collections, payment plans, default notices, lease non-renewals, evictions, etc and take appropriate action when necessary
    • Monitor inventory lists for equipment and supplies for administration and maintenance at all properties
    • Proficient operational and financial acumen
    • Strong ethical leadership abilities

Skills and Education:

  • Expert knowledge and history in Property Management in residential housing in Phoenix AZ with an ability to stay current with and adhere to best business practices and the landlord tenancy act of AZ
  • Exceptional organizational skills with attention to detail
  • Multi-task and ability to prioritize workload
  • Strong customer service skills. Must be very professional and a natural problem solver
  • Highly motivated and dependable person. Ability to respect confidentiality under all circumstances
  • Proficiency in MS Office (Word, Excel, etc.) in addition to cloud based applications
  • Exceptional written and communication skills with proactive thinking fueling preventive measures and wise decision making


To be successful in this role you will ensure high quality of operations and customer service in the multiresidential space in Phoenix, inspire staff and vendors to give their all, and strengthen the company's footprint and reputation. Must build a trust relationship with investment group. Self-driven professionals who surround themselves with excellence while fostering a collaborative environment with clear evidence of building community are ideally suited for this position. Must be highly responsible, reliable, trustworthy, professional, and performance-oriented with exceptional people skills and a proven ability to manage budgets and projects. Adherence to confidentiality required, in addition to enforcing collective responsibility and accountability for the whole team. References required and must pass background check. Qualified applicants only please.

Benefits provided
Bonus Program Health Insurance Paid Vacations
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