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Resident Services Coordinator

Tuscaloosa, AL 35401

Job Description

Location: CEV Tuscaloosa - STU47831

JOB SUMMARY: The Resident Services Coordinator should endeavor to provide excellent customer service to clients, residents, prospective residents, guests, and vendors. Resident Services Coordinators are the face of the property and promote a sense of community. Resident Services Coordinators are also responsible for being the main point of contact for residents before, during and following significant interior renovations of the buildings. The Resident Services Coordinator will be assisting residents throughout the renovations process. The Resident Services Coordinator will work directly with property managers, construction liaisons, contractors, and property team members to ensure the highest quality experience possible for the residents.
Resident Services Coordinators will be generally responsible for the following before, during and after renovations:
? Provide resources to residents and an open and welcoming environment for residents, customers, vendors and neighbors.
? Acquire a broad knowledge of the community and the surrounding area.
? Assess needs of residents and provide them with the appropriate provider and community resources.
? Facilitate programs and services such as health and wellness, life enrichment, or transportation.
? Proactively develop a resource directory of local social service agencies and providers.
? Prepare and maintain log of resident issues and services provided.
? Provide residents with contacts and resources to assist with benefits and entitlement program applications.
? Assist residents with resolution of lease violations under the direct supervision of the Property Manager.
? Promote a strong sense of community. Help connect residents to one another. Help develop and maintain a strong and healthy identity for the property.
? Work closely with client representatives and construction team to coordinate resident activities and movements during renovations or construction.
? Assist residents preparing for changes to their homes and address questions or concerns presented by residents during the renovation and transition process.
? Help residents understand the renovation process.
? Help residents connect to their families, friends and social networks for support, including during periods when residents are displaced from their units as a result of renovations.
? Find and help deliver culturally appropriate & age appropriate enrichment activities for residents who may be displaced from their units during the day.
? Maintain positive relationships with residents to ensure that communication between residents and community representatives is open and effective.
? Assist with on and off site resident events and initiatives.
? Achieves high productivity through reliable and punctual on-site attendance and timely reports any tardiness and/or attendance issues to immediate supervisor.
? Performs other duties as required.

Jobs like this are also known as:
Activities Director / Resident Services Community Ambassador Concierge Customer Service Representative Resident Services Coordinator
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