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Analyst, Operational Services

San Mateo, CA 94401

Analyst, Operational Services

Job ID:2018-4519
Category:Operational Services
Location:San Mateo Corp Office, San Mateo, CA
Type:Full Time


This is truly an extraordinary opportunity to join the team that operates the west coast’s largest and most profitable REIT.  The final candidate will have the opportunity of working with a company that has an unbelievable combination of strong financial results, boundless opportunity for growth and be a part of a winning team. The final candidate will interact daily with key members of the Operational Services and the Operations Division of the company.  S/he will work on a vast array of projects, focus on getting things done, have strong analytical skills and the ability to dive deep, think abstractly and make sense of the multitude of data generated by the business. The finalist will help develop a Dashboard for acting on this information, always looking for ways to improve operational efficiencies, increase revenue and identify cost savings opportunities. S/he will be tech tool savvy and have 2-3 prior years of experience in a highly analytical industry such as consulting, private equity or investment banking.  Real estate sector experience is a plus but not mandatory. This assignment is for a highly motivated, smart and hardworking candidate who sees themselves attending a top MBA school after 2-3 years with Essex.

Key Accountabilities

  • Improving operational metrics, data collection and reporting by creating an overarching Dashboard for the department.
  • Incubating business development projects that improve cost savings or create revenue from a fact finding, analytical and measurement perspective.
  • Managing projects both individually and on teams that make real contributions to the bottom line.
  • Supporting enterprise wide change efforts through working independently and collaboratively.
  • Preparing and presenting weekly, monthly and quarterly ad hoc and regular business reports.
  • Gathering data from various internal systems, synthesize, analyze, and effectively communicate actionable insights both intra- and interdepartmentally.
  • Discovering opportunities that can drive continuous process improvement.
  • Maintaining working relationships with Business Intelligence, Operations and Finance Groups.
  • Conducting research and analysis to quantify business opportunities and issues.
  • Developing formal recommendations for presentation to management and then planning and implementing those solutions.
  • Analyzing operating reports and financial statements to evaluate performance while working effectively with other teams to maximize cash flow on a portfolio.
  • Collaborating with Accounting and providing insights into Operations monthly financials.
  • Providing support to Operations Division Managers on various operational metrics and identify actionable items.
  • Developing a thorough understanding of internal & external reporting systems.


Required Skills, Qualifications and Motivations

We are looking for an executive with tons of potential, lots of energy and a passion to work hard and make a difference. S/he will have a high internal drive, be intellectually curious and want to solve problems. The final candidate will have high analytical horsepower, be an “Excel Guru”, and likes living in analytical tools all day.  The finalist will also be capable to communicate collaboratively and cooperatively across a complex organization. S/he should be motivated by handling anything that can be thrown their way, gets things done and wants to come back for more! We are looking for a level-headed Analyst to process concepts, have a desire to fix things and then get them done. The finalist will always have the attitude to do whatever it takes to get things done and will leave any sentiments about entitlement at the door (if they ever had any in the first place!) and never gets complacent with their accomplishments.

The ideal candidate has 2-3 years of experience following achieving their undergraduate degree and has worked in a highly analytical environment such as consulting, private equity or investment banking. Real estate sector experience is desired but not required. Airlines, Hospitality, Car Rental, Senior Living or other customer service-focused, multi-site industry experience is acceptable, too, provided they held positions with demonstrated analytical, critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Strong interpersonal communication skills and a healthy degree of curiosity about making things better are a must! Strong proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite and Excel are required, Power BI and DAX knowledge would be a plus.

Education, Compensation and Benefits

The successful Analyst will have completed an accredited bachelor’s degree in business, finance, business development or a related field with the potential to become an MBA candidate at a top school.  The company is offering a competitive base salary, cash bonus and participation in all of the company’s benefit plans.

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