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Internal Auditor

Addison, TX 75001

Job Description

Location: Regional Office - Addison, TX

Job Summary:

The Internal Auditor performs a full range of audits, as assigned, including compliance, investigations, accounting-level and property-level internal audits, as well as external audit assistance. The position works closely with other Internal Auditors, Audit Specialists, Accountants, Property Managers, Regional Property Managers and external auditors, and may take direction from the Controller or Vice President of Client Reporting. A successful Internal Auditor ensures prompt attention to requests to and from various internal departments and third-parties, and produces complete, accurate and timely reports.


The Internal Auditor will use sound judgement and due diligence in executing the following responsibilities:


  • Conducts or assists with internal audits at the accounting-level and property-level, either local or on site, in order to identify weaknesses and uphold the highest level of internal controls.
  • Responds to various questions and issues regarding operational and financial reviews, internal audits and investigations.
  • Follows up, investigates and resolves identified anomalies.
  • Participates in and may instruct company-provided training.
  • Collaborates with the Accounting Management Team and Accounting Technical Writer in the development and implementation of office policies and accounting procedures, as needed.
  • Recognizes and rewards right behavior in others and addresses inappropriate behavior or ethical breaches.
  • Performs the duties of team members within assigned team as required (in their absence).
  • Exercises professionalism and uses caution when engaging team members or other business associates during business hours, company-sponsored events, and personal time.


  • Supports and enforces company and accounting policies as well as all applicable federal, state and local statutes and regulations.
  • Responsible for complete, accurate and timely submission of reports.
  • Reports audit findings with recommendations to develop appropriate action plans that address identified risks.
  • Completes internal audit reports that are balanced, objective and supported by adequate audit evidence.
  • Assists with internal investigations, as assigned.
  • Ensures sensitive data is secure and managed appropriately within the internal resources and throughout the organization.
  • Achieves high productivity through reliable and punctual attendance, and timely reports any tardiness and /or attendance issues to immediate supervisor.
  • Performs special projects and research as assigned.


  • Supports and enforces internal controls established by the department and company, and discloses any weaknesses relating to such controls or the lack thereof.
  • Promotes and applies quality measures and standards within all areas of responsibility to support the company’s mission, vision, and core values.
  • Exercises professional skepticism in analyzing financial information in an effort to mitigate or detect fraudulent activity.
  • Tracks all billable hours and non-billable hours spent on external financial audits, if applicable.
  • Continually seeks to identify innovative strategies for increasing department efficiencies and reducing expenses.
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